The Electric Vehicle Charging Point Installation Process

The Electric Vehicle Charging Point Installation Process

If you have purchased, or are considering purchasing, a BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) or PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) then you may be interested in the electric vehicle charging point installation process.

Here at GBS Electrics, we are certified regardless of the location to install EV charging points, whether it be at your home, work car park, a supermarket, or coffee shop we can help, we offer a turn key solution meaning there is no need for bringing in other civils contractors or road markers, we manage sort everything. We are also OLEV approved installers, meaning that you or your business could be entitled to £350 towards the installation cost per charging point, paid for by the government incentive scheme (subject to availability).

The first step towards installing a charging point would be to call or email us for an appointment, which would mean that we could visit your property or site to carry out a survey of your requirements and confirm the compatibility of your existing installation. Once there, we will have a discussion with you to confirm you are still happy with the location to install the charging point and installation methods and carry out the work.

Upon arrival we will make sure that correct health and safety measures are in place, maintaining social distancing and wearing PPE when necessary to keep everyone safe. Once there, we will have a discussion with you based on the best location to install the charging point, taking into consideration the safety aspects, convenience/ location where you park, and connection to your power supply.

The installation usually takes around half a day, but this can vary property to property. Once we have installed the cabling and charge point, we will carry out the necessary electrical tests for safety and functionality purposes. We then commission the unit; this usually requires us to connect it to your WiFi. Once commissioning is complete, we will demonstrate the use of your new charge point, take any paperwork from you for any claims if not already done and answer any questions you may have.

For more information on to discuss this process, get in touch on 01325 787223 or

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