Case study: EV charging points, Leeds

Case study: EV charging points, Leeds

Our latest case study focuses on the installation of EV charging points in Leeds – it’s great to share one of our latest successful projects.

The client is a cleaning company and approached us to solve a problem, they had just won a huge contract and had taken the plunge to save money and help the environment by going green with their fleet. As a result, they had taken on 10 electric vans.

The company was limited on the amount of power they had available to charge all of the vehicles at the same time each day, meaning they could only have six vehicles plugged in – leaving four uncharged!

GBS Electrics programmed and linked all 10 of the 7kW charge points together by a smart back office and used Dynamic Load Balancing to enable all of the vehicles to charge at the same time without blowing the main fuses. The solution works by temporarily giving a reduced amount of charge rate to each vehicle, then as each vehicle becomes fully charged, the charge rate slowly increases on the remaining vehicles until all are fully charged. This keeps the business running smoothly without having to worry about vehicles being uncharged, or blown fuses!

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