Benefits of Electric Vehicle Charging to your Business

Benefits of Electric Vehicle Charging to your Business

According to research by the National Grid, there is predicted to be 36 million electric vehicles on the road by 2030. Paired with the Government’s ‘Road to Zero’ strategy that aims to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, it is now more important than ever to think about an electric future.

Here are some benefits that can help you to start considering the move to electric, and why you should install EV charging points at your business;

Increased Awareness
When making the decision to install EV charging points, you are targeting a whole new audience that might have not previously known your business even exists. With apps that can show the location of charging points, such as PlugShare, Zap-Map, and ChargePoint, a significant number of potential customers could be driving right up to your doorstep. This can also be a huge advantage if you have competitors who haven’t installed EV charging points.

Supporting Brand Values
At GBS Electrics, we are focused on doing our upmost to keep moving forward with the use of new and innovative technology integration, which is why we are so passionate about the installation of EV charging points. If your business is focused on creating a sustainable future, EV charging points are a great way to let everyone know that you are concentrating on your brand and its future.

Providing Essentials
Since 2015, the number of public charging devices has grown by nearly 5 times to July 2020, with an 11% year increase to date, including rapid chargers which have grown by 363%. With the high demand for electric vehicles and the increase in sales, more people will be looking for a place to charge their vehicles if home charging is not available, meaning your business may be the first port of call for many. 

Customers Spending time at your Business
With the ease of being able to charge their car at your location, it is likely that whilst they wait, customers are more likely to be tempted to come in and browse or see what you have to offer, meaning it is likely you could see an increase in sales just from having a charging port outside.

Preparing for the future
In the second quarter of 2020, 318 more charging devices were available in total. With the government’s ‘Road to Zero’ plan in mind, the future is rapidly approaching. Thinking about installing your EV chargers now in preparation for when the change to electric happens, provides peace of mind and confidence as you know what to expect once the change happens.

There are myriad benefits to such installation – why not contact us for a chat and see how they could benefit you? Get in touch on 01325 787223 or

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